lamda ensemble’s (λ-ensemble) main medium of communication is controlled improvisation. Having as a starting point graphic music scores of the European avant-garde, the ensemble’s field of action expands and crosses the audio reproduction/reinterpretation of abstract works of artists of the suprematism and works of visual poetry, reaching as far as the interpretation of ideograms of the Asian world.

Since light and sound both spread through frequencies, our vision was to seize completely this field and transform it into something artistically exploitable, in addition to leveraging current multimedia technology.

Apart from the improvisatory axis, λ-ensemble also explores works of pure absolute music focusing on the late 19th, 20th and 21st century. Works which have been buried for decades and have been discovered only recently, or are still waiting for their discovery. Unknown composers whose works have been forgotten after their first triumphant presentation and stayed on the shelf ever since…

Works which have not been written yet; λ is looking forward to collaborating with contemporary composers and visual artists from Greece and abroad. Works of unusual or unexploitable instrumentation, presentations where visual artists and musicians join their forces on stage.

These works are of particular interest to us!

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