ELEANNA MARTINOU | visual artist

We are grateful to Eleanna Martinou for having given us permission to use one of her works for our logo! This is a symbolic start, as we plan to work together in the future in other projects involving an audio-visual collaboration.

Rhythm XXVI, 30cm 40cm, ink on paper, 2015

In the Metronomos / Junction-Disjunction series (2015-2017), Rhythm is recorded on the basis of the waveforms produced by Sound, with Color characterizing the auditory experience of the human brain. The different sensitivity of the ear to the reception of sound at different frequencies translates into images that appear in modern technology of sound analysis and synthesis. This section includes video projects whose frames are scanned watercolor designs and computer edited.

“As long as I remember myself, I dream. The world of fantasy looks more enticing and true than the real one. I paint in order to create worlds that I like, wasting time in the process, collecting materials for my own studio. I always lived with cats, which taught me autonomy and meditation. Silence and music have an important part to play in everyday life, in harmony with each other. My favourite route remains the journey within me, which, no matter how many times I repeat, it is always different. My favourite movie is The Matrix. After studying music and painting, I began to see clearly with my own eyes the feudal structure of Greek society. I felt it was forbidden to have a voice in public. I passionately believe in the equality of the sexes, races and people in general. As a woman I now know that I have to be many times better at my work so that I don’t feel invisible”.

Eleanna Martinou was born in Athens (1981). Studied at the Athens School of Fine Arts (2006) and graduated with a MA in the Arts (2009). She is a studied musician (Athens Conservatoire 1987-2003). She has exhibited her work in solo and group exhibitions, art fairs and festivals in Greece and abroad. She is a Phd researcher, Athens School of Fine Arts (2018-…). • website

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